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Prayer Requests

  • help

    Please pray for my beloved wife Lucy - in remission 18 months from stage 4 gastric cancer - we fear it has returned. I love her & can't go on without her. Your continuing / ongoing prayers are needed. WE NEED A MIRACLE ! Lord hear our prayer.

  • prayer request

    please pray for peace and wisdom for my family and me. thanks, samuel


    Hello If you can pray for me thank you
    brother Billy is suicidal bipolar, to return USA from deporatation
    Dad Jack needs new contracts healing eyes
    Mom Suzan healing cancer, immune system

    Me Fabien 2 court cases for judges terminate cases nothing pay innocent,
    for me to have honest humble girlfriend, success in trading, music, evangelism,
    Thank you

  • pet in danger

    please pray for the dog 8 y.old to get adopted or the shelter willl euthanase him. Thanks

  • Fruitfulness

    In the name of Jesus the Annointed of the Universe itself, pray for my object Ives in my job and my missionary. I am darkened in a sense by the mysteries of information that can't reach yet, or can't even afford for executing some matters.. I don't know if I should go to college again. Or maybe ask God for His hand on bringing me teachers to know all there is. So I can strike off at the vertex of my creativity and wisdom to make things godly for him.

    May I never be tempted by evil. May I never misuse my gifts. May I do all that is right to remediate the Earth in God's way through my objectives daily. I want it to be useful to the end of Time for all to see Jesus alone.

  • pet in danger

    please pray for the stripped .kitten 5 m.old old to get a wrm home , its so cold on the street. Thanks

  • pet in danger

    please pray for homeless cats to be protected and safe in my town. The local government decided to euthanase all cats living on the street. Please please pray for the stopping this plan very soon! Thanks