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Fear of polarization grows with landmark Declaration of Independence anniversary in two years

But Grossman insists Americans need to ask why high-minded Founding Fathers who championed the inalienable rights to life and liberty also considered … A guidepost for a 250-year struggle for …

I.R.S. IS CHALLENGING MAIL-ORDER PASTORS (Published 1981) – The New York Times

I.R.S. IS CHALLENGING MAIL-ORDER PASTORS (Published 1981)  The New York Times

Trump Wounded in Assassination Attempt as Hail of Bullets Erupts at Campaign Rally

Mr. Trump was declared “fine” by his campaign, and the gunman was killed by Secret Service snipers. The explosion of political violence further inflamed the campaign for the White House.

Jesus Fest unites people from all walks of life with faith and music

The community gathers at the Family of God Church for the fifth annual Jesus Fest. The event featured Christian music artists and testimonies with the goal of uniting people from all walks of …

Cardinal Hollerich: ‘If women do not feel comfortable in the church, we have failed.’

In an exclusive interview with Gerard O’Connell, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, one of the synod’s most influential figures, discusses the role of women, bishops and all the baptized in a synodal …

Southern Maverick Returns to the Maverick Saloon

Singer-Songwriter-Raconteur Paul Thorn Kicks Off Santa Ynez Valley’s ‘Tales from the Tavern’ Series …

Children killed in July 4th shooting to be laid to rest

Wynter Thouston and 4-year-old Ivy Pierce are sisters and were killed along with another man when a fight escalated into gunfire outside of Crystal Clean Car Wash in Fort Worth.

Synod on Synodality: Guiding Document Skirts Hot-Button Topics, But Does It ‘Open The Door’ To Big Changes?

Theologians warn that open-ended proposals and questionable theological foundations in the new text could allow activists to push forward controversial agendas …

‘Basically Inseparable’ From the Start

“She got me good.” The couple were married June 29 by Lesley Wise, ordained by the Universal Life Church, at Lavender Owl Farm in Canby, Ore., with 45 guests in attendance. After the ceremony and …

After a Rock-Climbing Date, Their Relationship Reached New Heights

Ona Ferens and Samuel Haselden may have unknowingly crossed paths at the same gym before ever meeting each other.